One Punch Man SaitamaTsume X-Tra Figur !

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One Punch Man SaitamaTsume X-Tra Figur !

One Punch Man SaitamaTsume X-Tra Figur !

Endlich nun auf Lager die neue One Punch Man Figur von Tsume.
Die Figur ist 23 cm groß, 16
cm  breit und 14,6 cm  tief.
Es wird keine zweite Auflage der Figur Geben.
Vorrat sehr gering!

Die Qualität sucht seines gleichen!

Limited Edition. (Available end of November) ****( H 23 x L 16x D 14.6)**** Saitama, from the One Punch Man franchise. X-tra by Tsume collection. Included one Saitama figure and one black base. One Punch Man being one of the main events of Tsume Fan Days 4, Tsume introduces its first Xtra by Tsume figure from this brilliant show as well. And to answer the fans prayers, we chose the main character, the mighty Saitama also known as Caped Baldy! As our first work on One & Yûsuke Murata’s universe, we took inspiration from the final fight between Boros and Saitama. Our hero has been punched to the moon. So he flies back to Earth and damages the alien ship on landing. Crouched, one knee bent, the cape moved by the wind of his speed, Saitama displays a very serious look and you can feel all his might! As for the previous pieces of this range, the sculpting is very detailed and the paint job precise. It offers various gradients to spice up the figure. The setup is very dynamic and the visual result is stunning. This is a must-have for all One Punch Man fans. © ONE, Y


Loht sich total!!! , 2016-12-15 14:54:40
Die Figur war meine erste Bestellung auf und ich bin mega zufrieden. Innerhalb von zwei tagen ist die Bestellung bei mir angekommen. Die Figur ist sehr detailreich und originalgetreu gehalten. Selbst die Verpackung ist schön gemacht.
Geschrieben von: Nico H.